V.A.-Rockabilly Shakeout CD

V.A.-Rockabilly Shakeout CD
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  • CDCH191
25 red hot full-blooded southern Rockabilly sides are drawn together for this floor-shaking,... mehr
Produktinformationen "V.A.-Rockabilly Shakeout CD"
25 red hot full-blooded southern Rockabilly sides are drawn together for this floor-shaking, knee-trembling compilation. Based around our original vinyl compilation of the same name (CH 191) butwith 9 extra tracks, "Rockabilly Shakeout" is drawn mainly from the Starday catalogue, but some choice sides are added from the Memphis-based E&M and Erwin labels, plus one track, "Hang Loose" by Tommy Spurlin , from the Florida-based Art Records. "Do these records .testify to the rockabilly truth?" Well, if authenticity is what you're after, dig that Marshall E. Ellis, who ran the E&M and Erwin labels, spent the rest of his time administering the odd shaved fish and flat-top at his barber shop. If that's not worth the price of admission, then this CD contains a whole bunch of dance floor faves, including Benny Joy's "Spin The Bottle" Gene Wyatt's "Prettiest Girl At The Dance," Hoyt Scoggins "Tennessee Rock", the legendary Charlie Feathers (in the spotlight again with his recent acclaimed Elektra album) with "Wild Wild Party"and Glenn Barber "Atom Bomb". Nuff said?! An explosive time guaranteed for all!!!.
manufacturer: ACE
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