MR. BLUE-Free Born Man CD

MR. BLUE-Free Born Man CD
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Since 1998 Mr Blue is on its way, still ready to fulfil events of musical and personal... mehr
Produktinformationen "MR. BLUE-Free Born Man CD"
Since 1998 Mr Blue is on its way, still ready to fulfil events of musical and personal revelations. Therefore the three musicians create a sound-mix of traditional American music seamless combining elements of rhythm & blues with classic country & western and rockabilly. Nevertheless the band still keeps its particularly own character and the audience much appreciate the violent, explosive live performances of Mr Blue containing hefty portions of fun, rock and punk. "Actually, we do not only love rocknroll, we live it..." Their set-listing includes a stylistic mixture of well-known hits and underground classics melting into hot driving self-compositions. It took a while but now Mr Blue is releasing its first CD- sound carrier "Free Born Man" on Sunny Bastard after it has been travelling around with its "Acoustic American Music" themed live shows on many stages and different broadcasting companies, e.g. RTL, ARTE, DSF, Discovery Channel. The three musicians have successfully managed to combine their former roots blues-rock with their current country-affected unplugged acoustic sound into a new, refreshed direction. This soundcarrier contains 15 tracks of classic American milestones and the self-penned title "Seventy Coupe". So, if you are looking for a party - come on everybody and lets get together tonight!


Free Born Man / Cadillac Ranch / Ghostriders In The Sky / Bury Me / Little Ole Wine Drinker Me / Devil In Disguise / Ring Of Fire / Teenage Heaven / Rocky Top Tennessee / Can’t Be Satisfied / Bullfrog Blues / Thank God I’m A Country Boy / Seventy Coupe / In The Middle Of All The trouble Again / Foggy Mountain Breakdown / Motorbiene
manufacturer: SUNNY BASTARDS
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