URBAN JUNIOR-Two Headed Demon CD

URBAN JUNIOR-Two Headed Demon CD
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Guitar! Synth! Drums! Megaphone! ONE MAN BAND URBAN JUNIOR " TWOHEADED DEMON" on VOODOO RHYTHM... mehr
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Guitar! Synth! Drums! Megaphone! ONE MAN BAND URBAN JUNIOR " TWOHEADED DEMON" on VOODOO RHYTHM RECORDS! RECORDED IN ONE TAKE…That’s why this maniac sounds live like his recordings!

Urban Junior started off as a jukebox hero. Name a song and he’ll play it. He released two longplayers on FF Records. “MUSIC FOR THE ASSES” and “E-B.O.M.B.”, from wich he started to create his very own sound. A Clash of warm fuzzy guitarsounds and distorted synth basslines. Some folks called it Cyber-Blues, others Electrobilly. WELL, LET'S CALL IT SWISS-SPANKIN-ELECTRO-TRASH-GARAGE-BOOGIE-DISCO-BLUES-PUNK!

He played Guerillashows behind bars or on public toilets and on the other hand he was supporting acts for bands like Iggy and the Stooges, G. Love and Special Sauce, Test Icicles or the Monsters. Shows all over Europe were following including a small tour with John Schooley and Quit your Dayjob, Bondage Fairies, Reverend Beatman, King Automatic or The Masonics.

His new Album “TWOHEADED DEMON”, 80s child URBAN JUNIOR easily combines BEASTIE BOYS early-days Garage Punk THE SONICS with the stoic sound of European New Wave Heroes like D.A.F. or GRAUZONE. The coverversion of KLEENEX's "Hedi's Head" (Rough Trade, 1978, the first Swiss Song ever played on a John Peel Session) is just a very nice example how comfortably Junior’s sitting between the style.

THEE One Man Band with a Hunch break to Electro Clash Trash and Dirty Garage Punk Rock'n'roll…D.A.F. MEETS HASIL ADKINS


01. hot shit from switzerland
02. with the idiots
03. man on the run
04. twoheaded demon
05. tüüfumusig
06. seperated
07. das leben
08. girl like you
09. heidi's head
10. du los emau
11. mensch oder tier
12. no balls but fire
13. we love urban jr
manufacturer: VOODOO RHYTHM
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