V.A. - Crime Don't Pay...OK? CD

V.A. - Crime Don't Pay...OK? CD
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What a package! 25 songs from behind the big door! 79 and a half minutes of songs about crime... mehr
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What a package! 25 songs from behind the big door! 79 and a half minutes of songs about crime and punishment from Western Star's fantastic roster of artists.

Sleeve notes by best selling author and one time Rockabilly bank robber Razor Smith and spoken intro from Kotton Kandy live from the Las Vegas strip. Western Star have pulled out all the stops for this one!

The biggest crime of all would be NOT buying this compilation!

1.   Intro- Crime Don’t Pay

Kotton Kandy

2.   The Hangman’s Noose

Jack Rabbit Slim

3.   (Bobby Fuller’s Drinking) Gasoline

The Bad Detectives

4.   The Return Of Eddie Sin

Las Pistolas

5.   I Can’t Believe You’re Back 

The Sharks

6.   Good Morning Judge 

Rockin’ Rocket 88

7.   Secrets

The Epileptic Hillbillies

8.   La Mesa Prison Blues

Bill Fadden & The Mostly Losers

9.   The Sherriff Man

Rudy La Crioux & The All-Stars

10. Down In The Block

The Bad Detectives

11. Forgotten Places

The Cheaterslicks

12. Prison Bride

The Bonneville Barons

13. Burke the Butcher

The Eyelids

14. Jack The Ripper

The Sharks

15. Crook In A Suit

The Bad Detectives

16. The Ballad Of Razor Smith

Henry & The Bleeders

17. Heave-Ho

The Bonneville Barons

18. The Ballad Of Jesse James

The Ugly Dog Skiffle Combo

19. Cell Crazy

Luna Vegas

20. The Prisoner

Jack Rabbit Slim

21. The King Of London

The Sharks

22. Writing Home

The Cheaterslicks

23. Won’t Do It Again

The Bad Detectives

24. Who’s The Daddy?

Popeye’s Dik

25. Birmingham Jail

The Bonneville Barons

26. True Crime

The Bad Detectives

manufacturer: WESTERN STAR
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