TRISONICS-Rock`n`Roll Remedy CD

TRISONICS-Rock`n`Roll Remedy CD
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  • RAUCD171
I May Be Wrong (But It Don't Seem Tight) ~ I'm On Fire ~ Rock 'n' Roll Remedy ~ Mystery Lady ~... mehr
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I May Be Wrong (But It Don't Seem Tight) ~ I'm On Fire ~ Rock 'n' Roll Remedy ~ Mystery Lady ~ Dance The Night Away ~ This Bird Will Fly ~ Move It On Over ~ Move On Out ~ Gotta Go L'il Doggy ~ Gypsy Eyes ~ This Bird Will Fly #2 ~ Lullaby ~ Slippin' & Slidin'.

Just like Jerry Lee Lewis said: "Either be hot or cold. If you are lukewarm, the Lord will spew you forth from his mouth". True to this motto, the TriSonics favor hot - Red hot!
The TriSonics have spent the last three years rockin' clubs and festivals across Europe. Their recent summer tour took them through the UK, Germany and Holland promoting their current single 'Mystery Lady'.
Frontman Derek Singleton plays his Gretsch guitar with a twang that could only come from a Texan. He displays a knack for writing catchy songs which cross the Country and Rockabilly genres. And the delivery from a stripped-down but solid rhythm section shows that The Trisonics are no traditionalists, yet they manage to retain the roots of their music. More Horton Heat than Johnny Horton.
manufacturer: RAUCOUS
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