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Take four enthusiastic guys from the german mining area, a slap bass, guitar, drums and a sack... mehr
Produktinformationen "JAILBIRDS - Special CD"
Take four enthusiastic guys from the german mining area, a slap bass, guitar, drums and a sack full of good old rockabilly pieces and some own compositions with traditional vintage touch and spice the whole with a few modern highlights and you will get a unique sound with authentic lead vocals, cool slap bass, driving drums and absurd guitar tones.
A recipe for success, which rises in the case of the Jailbirds, despite some member changes since the early 90s. The Jailbirds are traded more than ever among connoisseurs as the Germany`s Hot Rock `n` Roll band. No 1..
After 4 CDs and numerous songs on compilations, the idea for this album was born, as the Jailbirds were approached constantly for songs from already sold out recordings.
So there are here the best tracks of the last 15 years. Most of the songs are reworked to an identical noise and improving dynamic acoustics, some have been rerecorded. A compilation that gives a perfect impression of the fidelity of the Jailbirds style and makes you looking forward to the next gigs.

01. Viva Las Vegas
15. Good Luck Charm
02. Light My Fire
16. Tornado
03. Layla
17. Spend A View
04. Blue Blue Day
18. One Eyed Jack
05. Sealed With A Kiss
19. Tell Me Why
06. She´s Gone
20. Birds Are Back
07. As Long As I Live
21. Waterboy
08. Boppin´ Rosalie
22. Summerwine
09. Number One
23. That Blue Moon
10. Cats In The Cradle
24. Never Talked About Me
11. My Girl No.1
25. Gone Away
12. Secret Agent Man
26. Midnight Train
13. Hurt Again
27. Wild Ones
14. Faith
manufacturer: PART
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