MARS ATTACKS - Recaptured CD

MARS ATTACKS - Recaptured CD
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That from a Austrian-Swiss friendship a surprising other rockabilly sound can arise, prove the... mehr
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That from a Austrian-Swiss friendship a surprising other rockabilly sound can arise, prove the four guys called Mars Attacks, ready since 1998. The trumpet of lead singer Roland Riedberger, which he uses alternating with his authentic voice, is long since the band's trademark and guarantees both for live performances as well as Record Hops hot party mood. The driving rhythms of the most own songs are carried by the double bass of Oliver Pfanner and David Karlinger`s perfect drums with his typical maracas rattles. Virtuoso guitar chords of the composition talent Martin Telford round out the Outer Space Rockabilly to what it is: wild, authentic and alien well.
Their 26 favorite songs from their early years (1999-2003), of which 16 own, the Mars Attacks re-recorded into even better quality in November 2010. Some of them were previously available only on vinyl. The result is this from start to finish bursting with energy album.

01. Man From Mars
14. Honey
02. Snatch It `n` Grab It
15. Dirty Tricks
03. All Nite Boogie
16. I´ll Guess It Meant That Way
04. I`m Gonna Buy Me A Ticket
17. Rocket In The Sky
05. Doggin` My Steps
18. Shotgun Wedding
06. Please Can You Say
19. A Gal Of My Kind
07. Pepperhot Baby
20. Ninety Nine Ways
08. The Way I Bop
21. You Talk To Much
09. That`s The Way I Feel
22. Sputnik (The Satellite Girl)
10. Four Tired Car
23. Tattoo Bop
11. Lies
24. Mars Attacks
12. Why, Jimmy Bill?
25. High School Caesar
13. You`ll Never Break Me
26. Leavin It All Behind
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