V.A.-High Voltage Vol.1 CD

V.A.-High Voltage Vol.1 CD
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Werewolf Max (Atomic Spuds)/ Ugly (Hangmen)/No Rights (Gotham)/Paint it Black (Flatliners)/ Funky... mehr
Produktinformationen "V.A.-High Voltage Vol.1 CD"
Werewolf Max (Atomic Spuds)/ Ugly (Hangmen)/No Rights (Gotham)/Paint it Black (Flatliners)/ Funky little Bastard (GWC)/. That's all right with me (Nick Gilroy Combo)/I gotta Die (Hellmaniacs)/ Hatebreeder ( The Seizures)/ Killer krew ( Krankensvine)/ I like screaming ( Scary B.O.O.M.)/ Kiss Baby ( Death Valley Surfers)/ Rash ( Pants down spankin)/Ska from outer space ( Braindead)/ Hounded (Raygunns)/ Henry the wasp ( Highliners)/ Highway of Pain ( Asmodeus)/I'am sick (Brainbats)/It's your fault ( Peacocks)/ Ain't as far (Hi Dramatic)/No future yet ( Meantraitors)/One more tatto (Os Catalepticos)/ Beam me up,Jesus (Lightning Beat Man)
manufacturer: BLACKSKY
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